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Tailored towards women who are looking to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding.


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Customers are the Heros in our Story

Still on the same routine and feeling really good Alhamdulilah. I feel like I have reached to what I wanted in terms of self control, and the menu is no longer a diet but more lifestyle now. This has been great. Today my weight is 63.5 kg.
Amina A.
Hi Dana I checked my weight. I'm 74.9 Kg now (started at 83) ilhamdillah. Wallah I didn't believe it & I checked six times to make sure. I'm down to size M in most pants. That's great. Thank you.
Mimi A.
Habeebty it was a wonderful and enlightening experience for me. I loved it and will continue on the same path. Thank you so much for everything.
Shaikha A.
Also dear, mashalla my eldest son, he is doing just like me and it really showed that he lost wieght. I'm so happy.
Rasha A.
Good morning Al7amdulilah, Eating & exercise are great. Weight is 84.6 Kgs. I lost 6 Kgs mashallah.
Muneera A.
Sleep is better. My weight is 68 Kg now. I'm doing measurements today. But I feel so much lighter. And I can see a difference with my body shape. Thank you so much.
Amina K.
Awesome! Weight this morning 76.9 Kg. Lost 3 kgs in 10 days & 2 inchess off waist. Milk supply maintained. Baby is fine. Thank you! I am amazed.
I feel really good throughout the day! I'm just so happy I'm aware of what I'm eating And how even small snacks make a difference in my energy without burdening my body. Alhamdulilah really. Appreciate your support.
I am feeling great and have lost more weight. Progress is 1.6 Kg in 1 month. I'am feeling good and there is no bloat whatsoever.
I am so happy with the food and recipes. I don't crave carbs much and my digestion is amazing.
Helloo Dana, Shlonich? Kasrt il 57 kg. I'am 56.8 now. Month 3. starting weight 63 Kg.
My tummy is different. I see a differnce in it el7mdellaa.
Wallaa my week has been great il7amdellah good results. 2 kilos in 9 days.
Lost 3 Kgs so far. Milk supply is better ill7emdellah.
Today I weighted myself and I am 64! I was 66 when we started which means -2Kg.
Good Morning! My weight 89.1!! Exactly 4kg in 4 weeks. I can't believe it I'm actually happy to be 89 but yeah.
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